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The NGO “Missing Persons Resource Center” is a unique organization in Kosovo that brings together families of missing persons from all ethnic backgrounds, encouraging cooperation among them with an aim of sharing knowledge towards enlightening the fate of missing persons in Kosovo. The principal mission of the “Missing Persons Resource Center” is to serve as a constant reminder to the government in fulfilling their obligations in enlightening the fate of all missing persons in Kosovo.

Missing Persons Resource Center was established in March 2017 by representatives of the Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Serb families of missing persons and it was funded by UNMIK for the first 18 months. Today, Missing Persons Resource Center has the British Embassy, US Embassy, Swiss Embassy as key strategic support partners and works in cooperation with the Office of the President of Kosovo, Government Commission on Missing Persons, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights – OHCHR/UNMIK Human Rights Section, European Union Office in Kosovo, United Nations Development Programme – UNDP Kosovo, International Commission on Missing Persons – ICMP Kosovo, International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC Kosovo, Kosovo United States Alumni – KUSA Kosovo, NGO Integra, NGO Center for Peace and Tolerance, NGO Humanitarian Law Center, forumZFD and NGO New Perspektiva.

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