Georgian Association of Psychosocial Aid Ndoba

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Founded in 1994 as a part of the Open Society Foundations’ global network, the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) works to build a vibrant and vocal civil society capable of holding government accountable to its citizens. The Foundation drives forward important policy debates and reforms.

Through grant-making and partnership projects funded from its national and international programs, the Foundation empowers civic organizations, civil rights activists and initiative groups to guard against threats to rights discourse and the risk of the country backtracking on democratic reform commitments.

Over the course of more than two decades of work in Georgia, the OSGF has made massive efforts to rebuff threats to democratic progress. The Foundation achieved this by strengthening independent public institutions and setting high standards in the key areas such as human rights protection, rule of law and good governance. The OSGF enhanced citizens’ participation in governance and decision-making, bolstered independent journalism and gave voice to minorities and vulnerable groups.

As a donor, the OSGF has been open to working with both well-established organizations and fledgling activist groups to advance change across its priority fields.

From 1994 onwards, the Foundation has invested over $100 million in fostering an open society in Georgia.

To achieve the change we seek, we conduct in-depth research and identify priority areas. Our research is largely geared towards identifying individuals and organizations best positioned to make a difference, and also the best tools to achieve change. Grant-making, advocacy, litigation, awareness campaigns, publications, and conferences are the tools we employ to achieve our ends.

Through open door grant making and competitions in 2019-2020 Open Society Georgia Foundation’s programs will address judiciary reform, health policy, EU integration, self-governance, media freedom, minority integration, equality, and social justice issues.

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