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International Coalition Against Enforced Disappearances (ICAED)

Geneva Switzerland
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Families / The Search Process
Enforced Disappearance / Family Needs / Human Rights / Protecting/Restoring Family Links
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The International Coalition against Enforced Disappearances (ICAED) is a global network of organisations of families of disappeared and NGO’s working in a nonviolent manner against the practice of enforced disappearances at the local, national and international level. The ICAED was founded in 2007 as a result from the 25 year long struggle of families of disappeared and human rights defenders for an international legally binding instrument against enforced disappearances. The primary purpose of the ICAED is working together towards early ratification and effective implementation of the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearances, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 20 2006. The international campaign of ICAED will first look for early ratification by at least 20 States which will lead to the entry into force of the Convention and the Committee. The ICAED offers the opportunity for its members to gather and exchange experiences, combine the different skills and expertise, coordinate projects, make effective use of resources and identify and carry out possible joint actions. The ICAED invites all organisations of family members of disappeared and independent non governmental organisations concerned with the issue of human rights and the struggle against enforced disappearances to join the efforts of ICAED by becoming a member.

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