Simeon Dželetović | Bosnie Herzégovine | 3ème Conférence Internationale pour les Familles de Personnes Disparues

Familles / Processus de recherche
Sensibilisation / Participation / Agence centrale de recherches (ACR) / Besoins des familles / Protection/Rétablissement des liens familiaux / Droit de savoir/Vérité

"Quand j’étais petit, j’ai remarqué que ma mère faisait toujours des choses dont elle parlait très peu devant nous. La maison de mes grands-parents était pleine de photos de lui. Je me demandais toujours qui était cet homme. ".




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29 Nov 2023
Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Europe and Central Asia
3rd International Conference for Families of Missing Persons | ICRC

"When I was much younger, I noticed that my mother was always doing things that she didn't tell us too much about. There were many pictures of him in my late grandparents' house and I was always intrigued as to who that person was".

From 21 to-23 November 2023, approximately 700 families of missing persons from all over the world came together to share their experiences and gain inspiration.

Three days of multilingual sessions tackled the most critical challenges faced by families around the world (how to make the issue visible, and advocate for their needs, how to search for their loved ones and associated risks and how to live through the multifaceted needs families face when a loved one goes missing (emotional support needs, but also economic, administrative and memorialization needs).