International Journal of Missing Persons

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Families / Forensics / The Search Process
Family Needs / Identification / Information Management (Archive/Database/Register) / Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation
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The International Journal of Missing Persons is an official journal of San Jose State University and the Forensic Social Sciences Association, which is affiliated with the Universite de Reims, Law Faculty. It is the leading peer reviewed journal that publishes original empirical work, conceptual articles and theoretical literature reviews, as well as articles on good practice or practice evaluation from around the world. It seeks to encourage professionals as well as academic researchers to submit material for publication with a view to advancing knowledge, disseminating good practice, and fostering the scientific study of missing persons. The principal objective of the journal is to facilitate international exchange, stimulate debate and to encourage closer bonds between academic research and practitioners working in the field. All topics relating to missing persons are welcome, particularly those assessing how research can be applied both strategically and at ground level and improve policy and practice. The journal has an international readership and author base.