ACT for the Disappeared
Near and Middle East
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Mechanisms / Law & Policies / Families
Right to Know/Truth / Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation / Memorialization / Information Management (Archive/Database/Register) / Identification / Family Needs / Enforced Disappearance / Burial Site / Mass Grave / Advocacy
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Thousand people are missing and forcibly disappeared in Lebanon. They are Lebanese and residents of Lebanon from all communities and all parts of the country. Most of them are civilians. Many were kidnapped from their homes, from the streets, or at checkpoints controlled by militias or foreign troops. Apart from kidnappings, many people are thought to have disappeared as a result of mass killings and the successive rounds of violence.

This document describes:
- Who are the disappeared;
- Mobilization of their families and friends;
- Attempts to close the file;
- The little that is known about their fate;
- Solutions that exist;
- Action points.