Webinar Recording - When children go missing: the perspective of family members, practitioners, and authorities

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Families / The Search Process
Children / Family Needs / Protecting/Restoring Family Links / Psychosocial Support
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What can be done to support parents with a missing child? What are the (direct and indirect) consequences for the families and the community/society? What are the responses that have been put in place (or are being advocated for) around the world, and by whom? On Thursday, 29 October 2020, the ICRC Missing Persons Project discussed these questions together with Ivanise Esperidião, President of the Mães da Sé family association in Brazil, Elsy Lourdes Flores Sosa, General Coordinator of the National Search Commissions in El Salvador (CNB/CONABÚSQUEDA), Francis Zekala Bituli, a father from Congo today living in France who lost contact with his family in the context of migration, Maria Paula Toro, New Inquiries Officer - Restoring Family Links (RFL) at the French Red Cross and Amaya Fernandez Gordillo, ICRC RFL Regional Advisor for Africa. The virtual event brought together 130 participants from different countries around the world providing an opportunity to present and discuss the main challenges of looking for a missing child from the perspective of a parent, practitioner or representative of state institutions in different contexts.