The Missing: ICRC Progress Report

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The Search Process / Mechanisms / Forensics / Families
Psychosocial Support / Protecting/Restoring Family Links / Prevention / Management of the Dead / Identification / Family Needs / Detention / Children
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In 2002, the ICRC began looking at ways of better assisting people missing as a result of armed conflict or internal violence, and their relatives. Following an International Conference of Governmental and Non-Governmental Experts (held in 2003), the Agenda for Humanitarian Action was adopted, which sets out clear objectives for the States and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to achieve between 2004 and 2007.

The ICRC made a pledge on missing persons, to review all methods of preventing disappearances, of processing cases of missing persons and of assisting their families, and then to agree on common practices in this area and move the issue further up the international agenda. Since then, the ICRC has continued to expand its activities related to missing persons and their families. This publication provides a summary of the work achieved so far and highlights a number of examples of the different activities that the ICRC has undertaken in the frame of its operations and its plan of action.