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Kosovo Guide for Families of the Missing: Institutions, Process and Rights of the Families

International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP)
Publication Year
Europe and Central Asia
Thematic Area
The Search Process / Mechanisms / Law & Policies / Families
Reparation / Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation / Psychosocial Support / Memorialization / Identification / Family Needs / DNA Analysis
Open access

This Guide was prepared by the ICMP for families of missing persons from the Kosovo conflict.

The Guide explains the rights of families of missing persons, which are protected by the Kosovo Law on Missing Persons, adopted in 2011, and other relevant legislation, including access to social and economic benefits and other forms of reparations.

It explains how to report a missing person, and describes the roles and responsibilities of international and domestic institutions and organizations involved in the process of accounting for missing persons from the Kosovo conflict, as well as the obligations of authorities and other duty bearers.

The Guide contains information about:
1. Institutions responsible for the missing persons issue and their roles
2. Legislation and reparations
3. What is, and how do I report, a missing person
4. Location and recovery of mortal remains
5. The usa of DNA for the purpose of human identification
6. Civil society and memorialization
7. Instructions on the use of iCMP's Online Inquiry Center (OIC)

ICMP hopes that this Guide will help families of the missing to understand the process more fully, giving a clear picture of the roles of the various organizations and institutions involved in the process, and the use of modern technologies and data systems. In this way it will help families to access their rights.