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Cape Town South Africa
Thematic Area
Forensics / Law & Policies / The Search Process
Advocacy / Criminal Justice / DNA Analysis / Gender / Identification / Information Management (Archive/Database/Register)
City of operation
Cape Town
Country of operation
South Africa
Region of operation
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DNAforAfrica is a unique platform created to facilitate an all-African network around forensic DNA profiling. We inform, work and connect with DNA crusaders, change advocates and policy makers, in our goal to fight crime with solution-based action.
Through our experienced regional leaders, we offer policymakers, criminal justice officials, crime labs and law enforcement the data and policy information needed to make educated decisions around DNA database strategy.
By working together, we can achieve the necessary goals we need to combat GBV, human trafficking and violent crime in Africa. We do this by:

  • Hosting symposiums to inform and connect key opinion leaders and change advocates throughout Africa
  • Sharing news of changes in DNA legislation and local lobbying efforts
  • Engaging with partners world-wide to align common strategic goals for the betterment of society

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