Missing Persons; Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Disappeared

Published by: Canadian Scholars' Press
Derek Congram
Publication Year
Asia and the Pacific / Europe and Central Asia / Global
Srebrenica ; Bosnia and Herzegovina ; Asia and the Pacific
Thematic Area
Families / Forensics / The Search Process
Burial Site / Mass Grave / Criminal Justice / Enforced Disappearance / Identification / Mental Health / Psychosocial Support / Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation
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The work of finding and identifying missing persons is complex and requires the expertise of many people, such as historians hunting through archives, biological anthropologists reconstructing skeletons, and psychologists preparing investigators to interview families of the disappeared. Uniting the voices of 22 experts from around the world, Derek Congram’s collection of original papers centres its attention on those who are engaged in the location, identification, and repatriation of missing persons. The contributors to this timely volume represent multiple disciplines and various fields, including academia, government, and civil service, but are connected by a shared conviction that accounting for the missing is vital for a just society. The chapters concentrate on victims of physical or structural violence, including armed conflict, repressive regimes, criminal behaviour, and racist and colonial policies towards Indigenous persons and minority populations. Some contexts are familiar — morgues, mass graves, and battlefields — while others are surprising, such as schoolyards and a museum in Canada. Although the circumstances of the disappearances vary greatly, Missing Persons illustrates the connections between these disparate contexts. Multidisciplinary in scope, this edited collection is a valuable comparative resource for students, academics, and practitioners in forensic anthropology, anthropological/archaeological ethics, forensic psychology, criminal justice, and human rights.