International Review of the Red Cross, Issue: The Missing

International Review of the Red Cross, Vol. 99, Issue 2
Publication Year
Thematic Area
The Search Process / Mechanisms / Forensics / Families
Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation / Psychosocial Support / Prevention / Mental Health / Management of the Dead / Identification / Family Needs / Enforced Disappearance
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Every day, people go missing amidst conflict and violence, or on the paths of exile, displacement or migration. Meanwhile, those whose loved ones went missing in the past continue to live with an open wound, unable to heal. Long after wars or disasters are over, the wounded have been cared for and new homes have been built upon the ruins of the old ones, the suffering of people whose loved ones are missing lingers on. Given the scale of the phenomenon of missing persons globally, the intergenerational impact that unsolved cases of missing persons have on families, communities and societies, as well as the increased internationalization of man-made and natural disasters, the Review has dedicated this edition to the issue of the missing, examining in particular the needs of missing persons and their families, mechanisms aimed at clarifying the fate of missing persons, and measures taken to identify the dead.