Forensic geoarchaeology in the search for missing persons

Pier Matteo Barone, Rosa Maria di Maggion, Silvia Mesturini
Publication Year
Thematic Area
Technology & Data / Forensics
Recovery of remains / Excavation / Exhumation / Identification
Open access

Despite widespread concern over missing persons, there has always been little clarity on what the word “missing” means. Although the category of young runaways is, indeed, an important cluster, other popular concepts related to disappearances describe a portion of missing persons. Thus, the following question persists: What exactly does “missing” mean? In this brief communication, we would like to open a discussion about the social phenomenon of missing persons and the consequent deployment of people and techniques to find those persons. In particular, the benefits of some forensic geoarchaeological approaches that are not yet fully standardized will be highlighted, such as geographic profiling and the use of multispectral satellite images, in order to provide materials for future searching protocols.