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Federal resources on missing and exploited children: a directory for law enfocement and other public and private agencies

Sixth Edition
Eric H. Holder, Jr., Laurie O. Robinson, Jeff Slowikowski
Publication Year
Thematic Area
Families / Law & Policies
Children / Criminal Justice / Family Needs / Identification / Prevention
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First published in 1996, the Federal Resources on Missing and Exploited Children’s Directory has become an effective resource that can be used by agencies and organizations involved in the safe recovery of missing children. The Directory contains the most up-to-date information on and links to other agencies and organizations that can help in finding a solution. The Directory is a compilation of the many services, programs, publications, and training that address issues of child sexual exploitation, child pornography, child abduction, and missing children cases. It describes the role of each Federal Task Force member agency in the location and recovery of missing and exploited children, the types of services and support that are available, the various methods for accessing these services, and additional resources.