Families of Missing Persons in Nepal: A study of their needs

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Asia and the Pacific
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The Search Process / Law & Policies / Families
Right to Know/Truth / Reparation / Psychosocial Support / Mental Health / Memorialization / Gender / Family Needs / Criminal Justice
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This report sums up the findings of extensive research on the needs of families of missing persons in relation to the 1996-2006 armed conflict in Nepal. The objective of the report is both to give a voice to the families of persons unaccounted for in relation to the conflict and to provide stakeholders in the peace process with an improved understanding of the needs of the conflict victims. Whilst the study is restricted to families of missing persons, it does contain potential lessons to be drawn about the needs of other victims. The families of those killed in the conflict may have economic needs very similar to those of missing persons' families; the same applies to some of the social problems faced by widows in their families and communities.