Amidst the continuing struggle for a world without Desaparecidos: Hope springs eternal

Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD)
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Asia and the Pacific
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The Search Process / Law & Policies / Families
Right to Know/Truth / Reparation / Reconciliation / Psychosocial Support / Prevention / Memorialization / Family Needs / Enforced Disappearance / Criminal Justice / Advocacy
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The struggle for truth and justice of victims and survivors of enforced disappearances has been waged for decades. In individual cases, it started when a person was made to disappear, but rarely ended even when the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared have been clarified. In many situations, the struggle continues beyond the clarification of the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared persons. The victims, as exemplified by those in Latin America, Africa, Europe and particularly in our region Asia, forge on with the struggle for justice, reparation, memory and guarantees for non-recurrence.