Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo: Photographs of 30 Years in Struggle

Abel Madariaga, Alejandro Reynoso, José María Pasquini Durán, Guillermo Wulff, Horacio Petre
Publication Year
Thematic Area
Advocacy / Children / Family Needs / Memorialization
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This book compiles 30 years of photographs. It does not aim to reflect the historical truth of the Abuelas’ work, since volumes would be needed to reveal the hundreds of registered cases and the almost one hundred recovered grandchildren. This book is just a handful of photos. It is a book that combines portraits of the warm simplicity of a spontaneous family album with other images that reflect the professionalism of Argentinian photojournalists. Compilation and production: Alejandro Reynoso. Prologue: J.M. Pasquini Durán. Translation into English: Tamara Lamela.