Psychosocial support strategy by the OMP: strategy and operational framework

Office on Missing Persons of Sri Lanka
Publication Year
Asia and the Pacific
Thematic Area
Psychosocial Support / Family Needs
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In 2019 the Office on Missing Persons of Sri Lanka finalized the Psychosocial Support Strategy (PSS), including an operational framework, to offer psychosocial support to families of missing and disappeared persons. The PSS recognizes the pain and suffering of having to live with the uncertainty of the fate of a missing loved one and the social, economic, personal and psychological challenges arising within this specific context. The strategy aims to develop an enabling environment within the OMP and sensitise external stakeholders to recognize the distinctive context and suffering of families of missing and disappeared persons; be sensitive to their psychosocial needs, vulnerabilities and capacities; facilitate social support for them, and promote sensitive service provision in ways that uphold their dignity and strengthens their resilience. In drawing up the PSS the OMP consulted a range of stakeholders working on disappearances and psycho-social care and took into consideration the concerns expressed by families of the missing and disappeared.