Like A Part of A Puzzle Which is Missing': The Impact on Families of A Relative Missing in Migration Across the Mediterranean - Report on the situation of families

Mediterranean Missing Project
Publication Year
Europe and Central Asia
Thematic Area
Family Needs / Mental Health / Migration / Psychosocial Support
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The families of missing migrants are the victims of this humanitarian disaster and yet the impacts on them are unknown. They remain unrepresented in discussions about the management of bodies and the broader crisis, and largely unable to engage with the authorities who can identify their loved ones. To address the problem demands that its victims – most notably the families of the missing – are a central part of such efforts. This report presents the results of interviews with 84 families who are missing loved ones who have migrated across the Mediterranean, from Tunisia, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. The study aims to give a voice to such families, to permit them to articulate the impacts of having a missing relative.