Naquela Mesa Está Faltando Ele: Family Needs Assessment Report - Brazil

Publication Year
The Americas
Thematic Area
Central Tracing Agency (CTA) / Family Needs / Psychosocial Support / Right to Know/Truth
Open access

Throughout 2016, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) conducted a needs assessment among relatives of persons who went missing during the military regime, suspected to be associated to the "Vala de Perus" (mass grave located in a cemetery of Sao Paulo, from which unidentified human remains where exhumed in an attempt to locate sought persons). Fifty-eight (58) family members related to 32 missing persons were interviewed. As part of the assessment, the ICRC collected first-hand information from concerned families, in order to understand their current situation, challenges, needs, and expectations. The assessment allowed learning about and reflecting on the priorities expressed by the families themselves, to relay their message to the authorities and to present adjusted recommendations to the latter.

Brazil: Meeting of relatives of missing persons marks publication of Family Needs Assessment report | International Committee of the Red Cross (