International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): General guidance for the management of the dead related to COVID-19

Oran Finegan, Stephen Fonseca, Pierre Guyomarc’h, Maria Dolores Morcillo Mendez, Jacqueline Rodriguez Gonzalez, Morris Tidball-Binz, Kristy A. Winter, ICRC Advisory Group on the Management of COVID-19 Related Fatalities
Publication Year
Thematic Area
Management of the Dead / Emergency
Open access

Based on its forensic capacity and experience gained worldwide from the management of the dead in emergencies, including epidemics, the International Committee of the Red Cross has been asked by the authorities and other relevant stakeholders in some of its operational contexts to advise on the man agement of the dead from COVID-19 infection, for which it has prepared the following guidance. This includes advice on the handling of COVID-19 fatalities and a set of considerations for managers faced with the need to plan for adequately responding to a possible surge in fatalities caused by COVID-19.