Global report on missing persons 2021: key challenges and strategic opportunities

Noor Hamadeh, Alicia Decker, Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, Arely Cruz Santiago, Baik Tae-Ung, Melanie Klinkner
Publication Year
Thematic Area
Families / Law & Policies / Mechanisms
Emergency / Enforced Disappearance / Family Needs / Identification / Migration
Open access

Published by the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) with the support of the United Kingdom, the Global Report brings together the work of distinguished academics and practitioners to explore key challenges and strategic opportunities in the global effort to account for large numbers of missing persons. The first edition of the Global Report examines the issue of missing persons as a result of irregular migration in the Mediterranean, Central America and East Asia, and disappearances in the context of conflicts in Africa and South Asia. Topics are studied from the perspective of state responsibility, human rights, and the rule of law, and the impact of large numbers of missing persons on peace implementation, human development and societal well-being. The Global Report is part of a broader ICMP initiative to promote the exchange of ideas and practical proposals, based on expertise and experience. Future editions will identify common problems faced by countries and families around the world and seek solutions at the international and domestic level, based on the principle that accounting for the missing and securing the human rights of survivors is a central component of good governance, advancing the rule of law and state responsibility.